Monday, 15 May 2017

How To Download Movies At Home To Watch On Mobile Phone

The film industry is growing fast with each passing day. The reason behind is the craze of movies among the people. We watch movies to entertain us and relax. People involved in the entertainment industry keep trying to make all kinds of movies, keeping in mind the taste of every audience.

On the other hand, the tight work schedule does not allow us to go to the multiplex every time to watch our favourite movies. Secondly, watching a movie in multiplex is also not very pocket friendly. Moreover, one has to wait for the weekend to go and watch a movie.

So, to make our lives hassle free, so many websites are launched to download full movies online not only our favourite movies but tv shows, games, songs. We can even pay our bills online, do shopping and so many other things.

Downloading a movie on phone is as easier as downloading it on one’s computer. The most important thing is, we can carry our phone with us wherever we go. So, it provides us the liberty to watch a movie on the go. There are several website that allow us to download movies, tv shows, songs and other things online. These are as follows.

1. - Here we can watch and download movies on our device. This website provides us great number of HD movies. We can also download games here and can even check the quality of print before downloading a movie.Here openload and usercloud links are used,which are with no waiting time and provides full speed of downloads.

2. - We can download movies absolutely free here. Movies of almost every genre and language is available here.

3. - Here too we can download all sorts of movies with high quality print. It also allow us to watch TV shows.

4. - Well, another site from where you can download latest movies according to your taste. It also has end number of movies of different languages with HD quality.

5. - On this website you can directly watch a movie even without downloading it. It has some very good features as well. For instance: We can apply movie filters and can even rate the movie through IMDb.

6. - Here we can download all kinds of movies. It has search bar too, to search our favourite movies directly. Here we have an option to search dubbed and old movies also.

7. - This site is very useful for the Java, Android and Blackberry users to download free movies online. Here not only Movies, but we can download different softwares and games too. The only thing we need to do is to get ourselves register on this site.

So, these are some of the websites to download movies online on your devices whenever and wherever you want. Hope you find it useful.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Fast and Furious 8 All Set To Improve the Series With New Action Story

Directed by F. Gary Gray.
Screenplay by Chris Morgan.
Cast: Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, Scott Eastwood, Jason Statham, Nathalie Emmanuel, Elsa Pataky, Luke Evans, Kristofer Hivju, Kurt Russell, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron.

Dominic Toretto (Diesel) has found the most appropriate tone for the "saga", which is the most appropriate for the "saga". These stories, embracing the absurd and the novel with the purest conviction. So we had resurrected characters, betrayals, cases of amnesia, vengeful brothers, villains who became heroes, and many and many dialogues that established screenwriter Chris Morgan, who entered the project at Desafio in Tokyo and never left, as a sort of "author "Whose trademarks are contagious idiocy (as I wrote when speaking of Speed 6 ) and the ability to devise increasingly ridiculous and therefore fun pursuits.

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Of course, some things remained the same: the recurrence of plan-detailing that focuses on women's asses wearing minimal shorts, pictures of men drooling over exposed car motors with open hoods (the purest car porn ), many seen between Rival drivers during high-speed disputes and, of course, gear inserts being shifted, feet plunging into the throttle and speedometer hands firing while turbo mode is engaged. However, if these elements were the essence of the series before, they now seem only included as a way to prevent fans from being disappointed, since the logic is to impact by the increasing magnitude of the action: "At last, we had cars jumping from a building To another, so now ... How about hundreds of vehicles fired by New York? And why not a tank? And since there's a tank, why not a submarine ? "

Set in locations that allow each sequence to become unique in some way (Havana's aerial plans in this eighth chapter are dazzling), the franchise has become increasingly impressive in its technical aspects - and here, for example, the Stephen F. Windon's photography is infinitely more beautiful than he had the right to be in a production more concerned with rollovers and explosions (especially in its beautiful backlighting and the intense, warm colors that bring warmth to a frozen landscape). On the other hand, the obvious excess of ramping (change in frame rate during a plane, momentarily creating the slow-motion effect, for example) ends up weakening the impact that the technique seeks - to highlight specific points of the action.

Creating sequences that could only be described as " World War Z with cars in place of zombies" and "a Wolverine-car being struck by several harpoons ", Fast and Furious 8 is longer than it should be (common mistake in the series), has (Kurt Russell only returns because he's ... well, Kurt Russell, so I will not complain) and does not understand that certain jokes have worn out over the years (like the fights between Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson) - and in the However, when we are very close to boredom, suddenly we find ourselves surprised and accompanying tanks and submarines vying race in a frozen lake while a lamborghini orange is dragged by a cable under water.

Here are the few Pictures from the Movie:

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The incredible soundtrack of "Big Little Lies"

The last episode of Big Little Lies will air the HBO series that was adapted from the eponymous book by Liane Moriarty.

In addition to presenting a star-studded cast, an intriguing and mystery-filled storyline, the series also features an incredible soundtrack that is almost entirely managed by a 6-year-old precocious girl. Well, at least on the show, Chloe Mackenzie (Darby Camp) has a unique musical taste and knows how to choose the exact songs that match the moment. That's what defines your character, actually. The girl is always with the phone in hand, ready to create sensational playlists, something that has been discussed a lot the internet.

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Even if we know that it is not the actress herself who chooses the songs, to delegate this primordial function of any production to a child is quite a play. The songs have elements more indie-pop, folk and abuses of artists not so well-known to dictate the melancholic tone that permeates by the series and its personages.

Here is the official list of the Big Little Lies soundtrack that contains only 14 songs and that can be purchased in the future in specialty stores.

01 Michael Kiwanuka: "Cold Little Heart" (opening song)
02 Charles Bradley: "Victim of Love"
03 Martha Wainwright: "Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole"
04 Leon Bridges: "River"
05 Kinny: "Queen of boredness" [ft . Diesler]
06 Agnes Obel: "September Song"
07 Alabama Shakes: "This Feeling"
08 Charles Bradley: "Changes"
09 Irma Thomas: "Straight From the Heart"
10 Villagers: "Nothing Arrived" (Live From Spotify London)
11 Zoƫ Kravitz: "Do not"
12 Conor O'Brien: "The Wonder of You"
13 Daniel Agee: "How's the World Treating You"
14 Ituana:

And it was thinking of this little wonder child that a Spotify user created a playlist titled " Chloe's iPod" with all the songs (so far) that the girl put us to hear on the show. Do not forget to save on your favorites because it is undoubtedly a must-have collection.

Big Little Lies has 7 episodes and there are rumors that a second season may be underway though the whole story of the book has been covered in that first season.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Check out Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin in the first trailer for "Get In Style"

The film Get In Style with Morgan Freeman , Michael Caine and Alan Arkin  won a poster and the trailer highlighting the trio protagonist Willie, Joe and Al trying to settle the accounts with the bank that made them lose everything. The film is scheduled to premiere on April 20 in US.

Desperate to pay bills and not disappoint those they love, the three risk everything in a daring bet to hit the bank that disappeared with their money.

The film also stars Oscar-nominated actress Ann-Margret as Annie, a grocery store with a special interest in Al. Joey King  is the clever Granddaughter of Joe, Brooklyn; Oscar nominee Matt Dillon  is the agent of the FBI Hamer; And Christopher Lloyd is their colleague, Milton. John Ortiz stars as the character Jesus, a man of questionable reputation who agrees to show them the way to the rocks, and Peter Serafinowicz  is Murphy, the ex-son-in-law Of Joe, whose contacts with medical marijuana clinics will finally be useful.

Zach Braff directs the feature from Theodore Melfi's script.

Get In Style  is produced by Donald De Line (An Out of Master). Executive producers include Toby Emmerich, Samuel J. Brown, Michael Disco, Andrew Haas, Tony Bill, who produced the 1979 film "Farewell in Style" and Bruce Berman.

The creative team includes Emmy-nominated director of photography, Rodney Charters (24 Hours), production designer Anne Ross; The editor Myron Kerstein ; The costume designer Gary Jones (New Year's Eve); And composer Rob Simonsen.

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Check Out the Official Trailer:

Smurfs The Lost Village 2017 Official Trailer 720p

With "Smurfs The Lost Village" return the adventures of Puffeta , Quattrocchi, Hefty and Clumsy, always followed by the evil Gargamel . The story this time takes on a more thoughtful and intimate tone: Smurfette has become aware of being the only one in the village does not have a purpose, he begins to make a trip to the search itself. Its road will intersect with that of a mysterious creature  ending up in an enchanted forest. This is where Smurfette find a mysterious map finishing, along with his friends in the Secret Forest, a place populated by magical creatures to find a lost village. The little blue beings s'imbatteranno in various dangers and discover a big secret, that no one knows Smurf.

The third chapter of the Smurfs is another great story, able to laugh at both adults and children. " Smurfs The Lost Village" is the first film of fully animated series, the previous two, in fact, were a mix of live action and animation. This sequel full of magical discoveries and frantic racing is a big surprise for the spectators, who saw him will have the opportunity to become aware of something new: a secret on Smurfs that they ignore.

At all add to the topical theme of the struggle against the evil Gargamel, but also a new character, who love the cartoon 90s love: SmurfWillow (to understand the elderly Puffa), which in the original version has the voice of Julia Roberts. Among the American voice cast also stands out that we would find a name more suited to a culinary program, namely to Gordon Ramsey, the British chef who will play the Baker Smurf, smurf cook.

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Check Out The Official Trailer:

Friday, 3 March 2017

How To Download Full Movies Online Without Using Torrent Websites

As we know,At this time,most of the torrent sites have been shut down due to privacy issues.One of the main website known as Torrentz have been shut down to after working for more than a decade.There will be hardly any online user,who haven't used this website to download movies,music,softwares,books and any other stuff.With its closure it has become very difficult to download stuff like movies,music,software for free online.Other sites have also been shut down.

So here we come up with a new website to download full movies online for free and is known as Moviesgraphy.It works on direct http download links for movies.This website is only for movie lovers.They can enjoy latest as well as old Hollywood movies in blu ray quality rips without any membership charges.Movies released 50 years ago can be downloaded from here in full hd quality.There is no advertisement or waiting time for downloads and your movie downloads starts instantly with no ads.You can follow these simple steps to download movies from Moviesgraphy.

  • Open in your Browser.
  • Open the movie post you want to download or Use Search box to search for movies.You can also use categories to check your movie.
  • When post opens,you will see "Download Links" below the post.Click on it.
  • You will get to a File Host calledd "Openload" or "usercloud".
  • Click on the Download Button.
  • Your Download Will Start with full speed.
Tip: Use Download managers like IDM to download movies.This will start your download instantly and you will get full speed.You can also resume and stop movie downloads using IDM.

So when ever next time you want to enjoy your favorite movie at home,just go to and look for your movie and download it to enjoy with your family or in your private moment at home.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Kong: The IslandSkull - Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson explore the home of King Kong in new clips

Kong: Skull Island , the original film of King Kong , had three new clips released, as well as a backstage video for IMAX, which explores more of the island's title. Check everything below.

Secret organization and battle of monsters in full synopsis

Tom Hiddleston , Samuel L. Jackson , Brie Larson , Corey Hawkins, Jason Mitchell, John Goodman , Shea Whigham and John Ortiz form the main cast of Kong: The Skull Island .

Derek Connolly, scriptwriter for Jurassic World, has signed the latest version of the script. The direction is in charge of Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kings of the Summer).You can download full movies online for free from our website in hd quality along with old releases in King Kong and Godzilla series free of cost.

The film serves as a prelude to the franchise, taking place in Detroit in the early 1970s, and exploring the place of origin of the giant gorilla, Skull Island. The film will usher in the universe shared by the giant creatures of the studios, which will culminate with the crossover Godzilla vs. Kong, scheduled for release in 2020.

Kong: The Island of the Skull , will arrive at the Brazilian cinemas on March 9.

"New King Kong is not original film, we have our own mythology," says director